Vision & Values

The vision at Beechworth Secondary College is 'Connecting Communities, Widening Worlds...' This means making the most of the advantages of our small size and location and providing a rigorous, well balanced education which will enable all students to develop to their full potential. Our extensive programs provide the opportunity for students to leave school with the personal skills necessary to continue learning and growing throughout their adult lives. We emphasise the importance of students being independent and responsible.

Our values

Respect Achievement Community
  • Respect for self and others
  • Tolerance of views and beliefs of others
  • Trust in others
  • Cooperation with others in all activities.
  • Pursuit of excellence in all endeavours
  • High expectations of self and others
  • Actively participate and accept responsibility in own learning.
  • Actively participate in the college and wider community
  • Acknowledgment that the college and the wider community have mutual responsibilities.