Beechworth Secondary College 1:1 Laptop Program 2017

Computers are an important tool for student learning providing access to: on-line research, DEECD’s eduSTAR.SOE packages of software, local and global communication, online learning modules, online testing, graphic design, online library including video, to name but a few.

We believe in the ability of technology to transform learning. As a staff we are in the process of enriching our programs to take advantage of technology. 21st century learning skills are vital for this generation and these skills rely on the effective use of technology.

Beechworth Secondary College introduced a 1:1 computer program in 2011. We have committed funding above what the Department gives schools to ensure high-quality systems using high density wireless and other enterprise technologies. In 2014 we moved to a multiple location system where there will be one reliable area for school and a separate full access area for home. These systems operate independently ensuring high uptime and quick issue resolution in both locations.

We will not be able to connect non-BSC supported devices to the school network. This has been based on staff, parent and student feedback. We are constantly tweaking the system to provide the greatest learning outcomes for students.

By reducing the number of device types we support, students will have a more consistent and reliable service at school. Having specific devices we support means we can load our 60 software titles onto these laptops, give teachers a consistent tool-set to work with, every student getting the same quality learning experience. We are proud of our high-uptime systems.

1:1 Program

We believe we have been able to put together an attractive package of hardware and after sales service. This package includes a three year on-site pro-support warranty. This laptop has corporate class features such as AC wireless, Windows 10 Professional, touch screen and a 500GB hybrid solid state hard drive. It has been constructed to a U.S. Military Standard tested for durability, pressure, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration so it can handle student life. 

The following 2017 BYOD laptop is available for purchase:


Dell Latitude 3160 Touch Screen (2017)* - $788

11.6 HD w/ Gorilla Glass Touch Screen

Intel Dual Core Processor N3060 (2.48 GHz 2M)

4GB DDR3 RAM (1600MHz)

SSHD Solid state hybrid 500GB Storage

Intel HD Graphics (with HDMI output)

Intel Dual Band Wireless- (new AC spec) 2x2 ac/g/n

Bluetooth4, 4in1 card slot, 2xUSB3.0, Wired-NIC

Stereo speakers, microphone and webcam

Up to 10 hours of battery life (3Cell, 38W/H)

Ruggedized for education construction (Military-Spec)

Windows 10 Pro x64

3* years onsite Dell Pro-Support Warranty (*1 year battery warranty)

* Note: This is a upgraded/customised model and is not available in retail stores. Retail value is ~$1200.

Advantages of purchasing a BSC model

  • Students can use their computer anywhere (home, school, etc). Administrator/install privileges for home access

  • We provide school ICT services such as daily backed up personal network storage to every student, broadband internet, library catalogue, online movie catalogue, compass school manager, printer access, scanner access, intranet access, learning resources as well as various digital software subscriptions.

  • ICT fix-IT centre for free technical support and advice in the Library

  • Patches and software updates for known issues as they arise

  • Windows Pro x64 EduSTAR.SOE software suite (including over 60 software titles)

  • Other software such as Microsoft Office Professional and Microsoft SCEP Antivirus

  • Fully compatible with all school security, software and advanced wireless features

School assisted onsite warranty and spare parts

How the program is supported by the school

  • We have two dedicated staff (Information Technology Leaders) in the Library who support the program as well as a part time Specialist Systems Engineer

  • Committed funding to ensure high uptime services

  • We supplement the 1:1 program by providing 50 high spec Dell desktops for student use

  • We plan on shifting to digital resources in other areas where appropriate

Parents can help us by

  • Reminding students to comply with the Network Agreement Policy

  • Making sure that the student has contacted the library support service at the school and made an appointment to address any issues

  • Reminding students to bring their laptop to school fully charged


  • Student orders completed before 25 Nov 2016 will allow us to do our best to have them delivered and configured before Christmas day. Orders after this will be delivered in February 2017.

  • Laptop can be purchased from the BSC-web-shop located (will be open late Oct onward) at:

  • Laptop can be purchased outright, via credit card or direct deposit

  • Finance can be provided for via the BSC-web-shop

  • There are insurance options available at the BSC-web-shop. We suggest you take the option.

  • If you cannot order via the web shop or need to talk to a salesperson about your order, phone “Computers Now” on 03 9554 6034 and tell them you are a parent ordering on the BSC web portal.